What you'll need to get started with Rondo Piano Lessons:


1. An account with Piano Marvel.

Go to www.pianomarvel.com and register for a free account. This will get you unlimited access to levels 1A through 1E, and temporary access to the whole method. 

Piano Marvel

2. A digital keyboard with MIDI output.

We use the Casio Privia because it's relatively inexpensive but gives the feel of playing a real piano. It has weighted keys, which means you can play loud or soft depending on how hard you strike the keys. It also has 88 keys like a real piano. A cheaper option is the Williams Allegro, but the Privia has a better quality sound and feel.

You can get even cheaper keyboards that are not weighted and/or do not have the full 88 keys, but as you progress along and get more advanced you will want the full weighted 88 keys. Make sure the keyboard you get has MIDI output to connect to your computer.


3. A keyboard stand.

You will need somewhere to put your keyboard. Most tables or desks will be too high for you to sit in the proper position. It's better to use a keyboard stand. There are many options, including some that make your keyboard look like a piano. But if you want to keep it simple, this Chromacast keyboard stand is adjustable and portable.

4. Somewhere to sit.

Depending how long your legs are, most chairs are not the right height for you to sit with your legs at 90 degrees. You can try to find a regular piano bench at a used furniture store (that's how we got ours!) or you can get an adjustable bench online. 

5. A cord to connect your keyboard to your computer.

If you're using one of the keyboards listed above, the Hosa Type A to Type B will work. Whichever keyboard you buy, just make sure you know what type of MIDI ouput if has so you get the right cord. 

6. A computer.

Piano Marvel suggests:

Windows running Vista or later, with 2 GB RAM, or

Mac OSX with 2 GB RAM

You will want to be able to set up your computer so that you can see the screen while you're playing.

7. Internet access

Piano Marvel suggests at least a 1 MBPS connection.